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Derudder Ben


I am a Professor of City Science at KU Leuven’s Public Governance Institute as well as an Associate Director of the Globalization and World Cities Network (GaWC) research network. Most of my research adopts an explicitly spatial approach to studying a broad range of urban
and regional questions. I have spent most of my research career examining city networks at the global scale, but I also have a vested interest (and a publication track record) in regional polycentricity, methodological opportunities/problems associated with the use of ‘big data’ in
the study of the spatial organisation of regions, the transformation of Chinese urban regions, and the praxis of ‘internationalization’ in urban geography and regional studies at large. Although I realize horse-racing statistics for scholars are dubious for many reasons, a recent analysis published in Urban Studies by Kong and Qian (2018) suggested that I am among the most productive/cited urban geographers (especially considering my relatively short career-span). I am an editor of Regional Studies have edited special issues of journals such as Urban Studies as well as a number of scholarly books, and published in as good as all of the major scholarly journals circulating urban and regional research.

Ben De Rudder




KU Leuven

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