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Towards a Brussels autonomy insurance system

The coalition agreement of the Joint Community Commission (CoCom/GGC) for the 2014-2019 legislature provided for the “introduction of an autonomy insurance to support the choice to continue living independently”, especially for the elderly in a state of dependence. This plan was part of the transfer of the competence for assistance to the elderly to the Communities, as a result of the sixth State reform.

By order of the CoCom/GGC, the BSI carried out a preparatory study consisting of the following three parts:

In the first part, a number of legal questions were examined, notably about the competence of the GGC in this area, the financing, the scope in terms of personnel, the impact of the law on the internal market and the freedom of enterprise and the impact of the obligation for the GGC to observe the social rights of the persons under its jurisdiction.

A second section, based on literature on the one hand and focus groups on the other hand, takes a closer look at a number of demographic, social and institutional changes and discusses various sub-aspects that are important when developing such an independence insurance.

Finally, the third section presents a series of simulations that shed light on the feasibility of a Brussels autonomy insurance system.

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