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Chair BSI-citydev 2020 – workshop 1: Tools and techniques of participation (Alexander D’Hooghe & Hella Rogiers)

How can the population be integrated into the decision-making process so that they can invest, support and co-construct projects? How can we organise exchanges between the population and the government and its representatives, open up the process to greater diversity and transparency in decision-making processes? The proposed examples are based on a radical inversion where, instead of the government “imposing” its decision on the projects to be developed on the public from above, the public participates in the process from below and proposes to the government a series of projects that the public considers relevant to meet the objectives before participating in their evaluation and in the determination of priorities.

*Presentations by ORG (Alexander D’Hooghe) on :

New York’s Rebuild by Design model, which proposes a radical reversal of the decision-making process on public projects and investments (citizens propose projects to decision-makers, who choose them after a transparent multi-criteria assessment).
The application of the New York model to the case of Antwerp in the framework of the Ring project of which ORG is curator.

*Guest speaker:

Hella Rogiers – Common Ground

*Discussion and exchange with participants

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