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‘Vaccessible’: raising vaccination awareness

In August, the BSI was commissioned by the COCOM to supervise the ‘Vaccessible’ project, to raise awareness among Brussels residents about COVID-19 vaccination. The ‘Vaccessible’ project aims to identify the main obstacles and levers to COVID-19 vaccination in the Brussels Region through the various vaccination initiatives (via local antennas, general practitioners, Vaccibus, SPOQ and Relais d’Action de Quartier (RAQ), calling on people over 65).

Two methods are used for this project. In the first phase, a series of semi-structured qualitative interviews were conducted with people responsible for the different types of initiatives, including pharmacists, local vaccination units, municipal officials and doctors. The interviews provide information on, among other things, how the participants perceive the problem of vaccination in their municipality, how they have developed their project and how they assess the results of their action. In a second phase, focus groups will be organised, during which participants will be asked to reflect on the experiences gathered in order to determine how actions can be further improved to maximise the awareness of the people of Brussels about COVID-19 vaccination. 

Finally, in collaboration with the commissioner, a dashboard will be developed with quantitative and more qualitative indicators, which should enable the commissioner to continue to monitor and evaluate the actions afterwards.

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