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Vinck Julie


JULIE VINCK graduated in July 2012 as a Master in Social and Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp. In July 2013 she received her Master’s degree of Social Policy Analysis at KU Leuven. Ever since she has been working as a full-time researcher at the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy. First her research concentrated on the issue of child poverty in Belgium and the Belgian regions in European comparative perspective, using a financial and material deprivation indicator. In 2015 she worked on a research project of the Centre for Health, Welfare and Family on the reform of the future Flemish child benefits system. Since October 2015 she pursues a PhD as a fellow of the Research Foundation of Flandres (FWO) concerning ‘The poverty-care nexus in the social investment state: an empirical investigation of childhood disability, child poverty and parental employment in Belgium’.

Her research interests include poverty and disability among children, the selectivity in social policies in general and those directed towards families with children in particular, the non take-up of social rights, the work-care dilemma of parents and how policy responds to this.



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