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Vanhellemont Linus


Linus Vanhellemont is currently working as postdoctoral scholar at Cosmopolis (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – a 4 Year FWO project) and visiting professor in urban geography and cultural sociology at the National University of Colombia (UNAL) and at the National University of Bolivia (UMSA). He studies the power of social imaginaries in urban & peri-urban planning conflicts in Latin America (i.e. in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia).

At Cosmopolis, beforehand, he specialised on the social geography of European Expats in Brussels and the (lacking) spatial social imaginary of the European Union’s Decentralised Capital-City Structure. In the framework of his PhD at Milano-Bicocca University (Italy) and as visiting scholar at Istanbul Sehir University (Turkey) he focussed on the role of spatial social imaginaries, discourse coalitions and triggering events in urban planning processes in Istanbul and Brussels.



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géographie urbaine




  • Linus Vanhellemont (2018). De macht van de verbeelding in stadsplanningsprocessen: het Taksim Gezi Park-conflict (İstanbul) en het Pietonnier-conflict (Brussel). Sociologos, 39(3), 334-339.

Jean-LouisGenard, MathieuBerger & Linus Vanhellemont (2016).‘L’architecture des débats: les imaginaires mobilisés.’ Bruxelles: BSI-BCO.

Linus Vanhellemont & SofieVermeulen (2016).‘De aanleg van de voetgangerszone in het Brusselse stadscentrum, 2012-… Een analyse van (het discours van) het procesverloop.’ Brussel: BSI-BCO.

Linus Vanhellemont (2016). ‘The Power of the Imaginary in Urban Planning Processes: a Comparative Research of Case Studies in Istanbul (Turkey) & Brussels (Belgium).’ Milan: Milano Bicocca – PhD Thesis

Linus Vanhellemont & Serena H. Vicari (2015). Minutiae: Meeting minutes as actors in participatory planning processes: in Tallinn, Manchester and Brussels. In: L. Lieto, R. Beauregard. Planning for a Material World. London: Routledge.

Linus Vanhellemont & Raf Pauly (2015).‘The Dual City Scrutinised: The Case of European Expats In Brussels’. Milan: Territorio.

Linus L. Vanhellemont (2011). ‘The Power of Objects & Things: The Mediating Role of a Few Material Actors in Participatory Urban Planning, a Comparative Research between Manchester, Tallinn & Brussels.’ Brussel: VUB – Master Thesis.

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