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Ryckbosch Wouter


Wouter Ryckbosch teaches social, cultural and urban history at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with a particular focus on the Low Countries in the early modern era.

Wouter Ryckbosch studied medieval history at Ghent University, and subsequently pursued a PhD in early modern history at the University of Antwerp. His doctoral dissertation studied the effect of consumer change on social inequality in eighteenth-century Flanders. As a visiting scholar he stayed at the Universities of Cambridge, Utrecht, and the Bocconi University in Milan. Wouter joined the VUB as an assistant professor in early modern history in 2016. He is currently the executive editor of the Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History (TSEG), and a board member of the Vlaams-Nederlandse Vereniging voor Nieuwe geschiedenis (VNVNG).

His research is primarily concerned with long-term trends in social inequality and the history of consumer culture, but also touches on the history of economic thought, sociability, and pre-modern globalisation.





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