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Costa Rafael


Rafael Costa is Senior Researcher at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) and affiliated researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Antwerp. He holds a Master’s degree in Population Studies (2009) and a PhD in Social Sciences (2015) from the University of Louvain, Belgium. His research focuses on spatial demography, in particular the patterns of demographic change in space and time and the influence of space and networks on demographic behaviour and socioeconomic outcomes. He has applied this perspective in studies on fertility and family, internal and international migration, and residential segregation. Rafael’s works mainly draw on quantitative methods, microlevel administrative data, and fine-grained spatial data.





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« Sprouted all around: the emergence and evolution of housing estates in Brussels. » Costa, Rafael; De Valk, Helga, « Housing Estates in Europe: Poverty, Ethnic Segregation and Policy Challenges. » ed. / Daniel Hess; Tilt Tammaru; Maarten van Ham. Springer International Publishing, 2018. p. 145-166 (The Urban Book Series).

Costa R., de Valk H.A.G. (2021) Socio-spatial Disparities in Brussels and its Hinterland. In: van Ham M., Tammaru T., Ubarevičienė R., Janssen H. (eds) Urban Socio-Economic Segregation and Income Inequality. The Urban Book Series. Springer, Cham.

Costa, R., de Valk, H.A.G (2018). Ethnic and Socioeconomic Segregation in Belgium: A Multiscalar Approach Using Individualised Neighbourhoods. European Journal of Population 34, 225–250.

Costa R., de Valk H. (2018) Sprouted All Around: The Emergence and Evolution of Housing Estates in Brussels, Belgium. In: Hess D., Tammaru T., van Ham M. (eds) Housing Estates in Europe. The Urban Book Series. Springer, Cham.

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