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We recruit a scientific research coordinator

The Brussel Studies Institute (BSI) recruits a scientific research coordinator (part time, 50%)

Position Purpose:

A research coordinator works under the general direction of the Executive Committee and the Director of the Brussels Studies Institute. He/she stimulates, supports and coordinates interuniversity, cross-communitarian and multi-disciplinary research projects addressing the societal challenges with which Brussels and its metropolitan area are confronted. He/she will primarily focus on involving research centres of KU Leuven and UCLouvain which have recently joined the Board of the BSI. This implies, amongst others: inventory the research centres at these universities that work on Brussels and its metropolitan area, contact them, and map their research interests. In a further phase the research-coordinator will among other things assist in the development of research proposals, monitor the progress of the projects, co-write and edit reports and manuscripts, stay in contact with the different funding agencies,…

Sample of Typical Duties:

– contribute to the elaboration of a strategic research agenda for research on Brussels (and its metropolitan area);

– contribute to the elaboration of (multi-disciplinary/interuniversity/cross-communitarian) research proposals;

– facilitate and support collaboration between the research centres affiliated to the BSI (match-making) and explore potential collaborations with the new member centres at KU Leuven and UCLouvain;

– give feedback and support to BSI research centres developing research activities in the field of urban studies (on Brussels);

– function as a liaison between the project team and the funding agency and other stakeholders;

– ensure that projects are executed successfully and within the projected time frame;

– collaborate with the urban studies research networks of the cooperating universities;

– collaborate with the key partners of the BSI, like the open access e-journal Brussels Studies and the Urban University Brussels Academy;

– represent BSI during meetings related to national and international research programs and calls.


The particular set of duties will be further determined in function of the candidate’s strengths, and to reach a maximum of complementarity with the existing team.

 Profile :

– A PhD in a field related to the social sciences or humanities in the broadest sense of the terms (sociology, economics, political sciences, education, communication, history,  geography, architecture, public health, urban planning, environmental sciences…)

– Experience in coordinating multi-stakeholder research projects is a plus;

– Candidates are expected to have an interest in the societal challenges Brussels is confronted with;

– Candidates with an interest in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research are especially encouraged to apply.


Desired competences:

– Capacity to work in a multilingual context (French, Dutch, English).

– A good knowledge of French and Dutch is expected (although this knowledge may be passive for one of these); a good working proficiency in English is a plus.

– Strong writing skills

– Advanced skills in MS Office (Word & Excel in particular), Outlook and collaborative software tools (Google Docs, DropBox, …)

– Good knowledge of the modus operandi of academic institutions

– Good knowledge of the field of urban studies/studies on Brussels

– Conscientiousness and professionalism

– Strong project management skills

– Autonomous in time management

– Sense of responsibility

– Leadership skills and sense for initiative

– Social networking and communication skills


The candidate will be appointed in a half time position for a first term of 6 months with the perspective of renewal of a second term that may lead to a longer contract.


For additional information, please contact Dr. Loes Vandenbroucke (e-mail:


The application file should include the following (incomplete files will not be considered):

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A motivation letter


Please send your application to the Director of the Brussels Studies Institute, Dr. Simon Boone  (BSI, avenue F.D Roosevelt, 50, CP 129/04 – 1050 Brussels;

Applications must be received no later than July, 15th, 2020.

Preselected candidates will be invited for an interview during the second half of August. Please let us know which days would make it impossible for you to attend the interview.





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