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Chair BSI-citydev 2020 – workshop 2: Maker Districts (Luk Peeters & Adrian Hill)

How can we develop large scale mixed production areas today? What typologies and architectures for large-scale “productive districts”? How to integrate circularity at the heart of the project?

The proposed examples will allow us to question new typologies of productive spaces, far from industrial zoning and their urban monofunctionality, to envisage productive districts, without inhabitants, but nevertheless urban, mixed, dense, lively and circular.

*Presentation by ORG (Luk Peeters) on:

Broeksite and Broeklin, a project of ORG which proposes on more than 300.000m² a productive mixed industrial district where circularity is integrated as an obligation of result. Located in Machelen, the project is part of an extension of the mixed and productive territory of the Brussels canal.

*Guest speaker: Adrian Hill – Cities of Making:

*Discussion and exchange with the participants.

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