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Chair BSI-citydev 2020 – lesson 2 : Production and the mixing of social classes (Luk Peeters)

How do you build relationships with other people who are not like you?

The inability to relate to one’s environment may be linked to the modernist approach of separating the urban functions of living and producing. Today, we realise that these historical divisions in our cities have caused major problems, especially with regard to mobility and ecology.

For many reasons, it now seems obvious to mix the functions in cities, even though by combining and redefining these separate functions, we face many threats.

Production in the city? Yes, but … the mixing of functions in combination with the design of spaces for multiple uses teaches us that the integration of people of different origins and socio-economic status is complicated and uncomfortable. Shouldn’t architecture be neutral in its programme? The most important question a designer should ask himself is how buildings articulate themselves to organise and ensure public coexistence. Social integration, flexible design, neighbouring industry and reliability will be the topics discussed during this conference.

Luk Peeters

Holder of a Master’s degree in architectural engineering and urban planning. He is Managing Partner of ORG. He manages architectural projects in the Brussels office. Luk Peeters has 15 years of experience in architecture and project management.

During his career, he has managed numerous projects, large and small, both in Brussels and abroad. Luk obtained his Master in Civil Engineering and Architecture at the K.U. Leuven. He also has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from K.U. Leuven and UGent. Before co-founding ORG, Luk worked at TPF and Sweco.


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