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BRUSSELS STUDIES INSTITUTE Chair 2017 : Inaugural Lesson

by Ariella Masboungi, urban planner, formerly Inspector General of Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Sustainable Development until June 2016. Winner of the Grand Prix de l’urbanisme in 2016. She led the “urban project” and “Grand prix de l’urbanisme” missions at the Ministry of Territorial Equality and the Ministry of Ecology.

“The 10 main lessons of the urban project” – Solvay Library, 18.04.2017

Cities teach us how to act through the urban on many societal, economic and spatial issues. They are in the front line to experiment with how the territory can become resilient in the face of threats of all kinds and sustainable issues that are the new frontier of urban and territorial development.

With a constantly updated corpus, Ariella Masboungi proposes in the “10 lessons of the urban project” a series of concepts and operating methods, based on real experiences that are always enriched, likely to open up avenues of action for urban professionals – researchers, students or field workers – and elected officials.


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