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Spithoven André


André Spithoven likes to publish on R&D and innovation data within a regional context. He is interested in various topics like technology transfer intermediaries, open innovation, spatial organization of R&D and innovation, and R&D employees. He is always willing to collaborate with other scholars and policy advisors on the thrilling domain of innovation studies.

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Professeur (UGent), Chercheur (VUB), Conseiller Politique scientifique fédérale

Centre(s) de recherche



research & development


UGent, VUB


“Spatial perspectives on knowledge brokers : Evidence from Brussels.” Dotti, Nicola Francesco; Spithoven, André, Environment and Planning A, Vol. 49, No. 10, 01.10.2017, p. 2203-2222.

“Incubators in Brussels: Analysis and Perspectives. Final Report.” Dotti, Nicola Francesco; Spithoven, Andre; Vlegels, Jef; Ysebaert, Walter; Cincera, Michele; Fombasso Toyem, Gilles, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2017. 61 p.

“The competitiveness of Brussels in European research.” Dotti, Nicola Francesco; van Heur, Bas; Spithoven, Andre, Brussels Studies, No. 81, 10.11.2014, p. 1-12.

Dotti, N.F., Spithoven, A., Wautelet, A. & Ysebaert, W. (2021), ‘The ‘certain’ returns from expenditures for ‘uncertain’ activities: a local multiplier approach to evaluate regional R&I policy’, European Planning Studies, 29(2), 389-409. (JRC – 2.226 in 2019) –

Dotti, Nicola Francesco, and André Spithoven. ‘A Geographical Perspective on the European Research Area: Brussels as the European Research Capital’. EuropeNow 1, no. 2 (2 December 2016).

Dotti, Nicola Francesco, André Spithoven, and Bas van Heur. ‘The Competitiveness of Brussels in European Research Area’. Brussels Studies 81 (10 November 2014).

Dotti, Nicola Francesco, André Spithoven, and Walter Ysebaert. ‘Estimations of the Economic Impacts of International and European Institutions on the Brussels-Capital Region Using a Local Multiplier Approach’. Brussels, Belgium: Commissariat à l’Europe et aux organisations Internationales ASBL, January 2020.

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