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Bassens David


David Bassens’ research interests lie in two broad areas: (i) Geographies of globalized urbanization: world-city formation and world-city-networks, urban political economies, post-colonial urban critiques, mobility of urban policies; and (ii) Geographies of finance and financialization: financial geography, economic geography, regulation theory, varieties of capitalism, and the sociology of finance. David is also Associate Director of Financialization at the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and Treasurer and Executive Committee member of FINGEO, The Global Network on Financial Geography.





Centre(s) de recherche







Bassens, D., Gutierrez, L., Hendrikse, R., Lambert, D., Waiengnier, M. (2021) Unpacking the advanced producer services complex in world cities: Charting professional networks, localisation economies and markets. Urban Studies, Vol. 58(6), pp. 1286-1302. [IF 2.828]

Keblowski, W., Lambert, D., Bassens, D. (2020) Circular economy and the city: an urban political economy agenda. Culture and Organization, 26(2), pp. 142-158. [IF 0.612]

Waiengnier, M., Van Hamme, G., Hendrikse, R., Bassens, D. (2020) Metropolitan Geographies of Advanced Producer Services: Centrality and Concentration in Brussels. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, Vol. 111(4), pp. 585-600. [IF 1.146]

Hendrikse, R., van Meeteren, M., Bassens, D. (2019) Strategic coupling between finance, technology and the state: Cultivating a Fintech ecosystem for incumbent finance. Environment and Planning A, Vol. 52(8), pp. 1516-1538. [IF 3.033]

De Boeck, S. Bassens, D., Ryckewaert, M. (2019) Making space for a more foundational economy: The case of the construction sector in Brussels. Geoforum, 105, 67-77. [IF 3.098]

Keblowski, W., Van Criekingen, M., Bassens, D. (2019) Moving past the sustainable perspectives on transport: An attempt to mobilize critical urban transport studies with the right to the city. Transport Policy, 81, 24-34. [IF 3.382]

Bassens, D., van Heur, B., Waiengnier, M. (2019) Follow the money: Cultural patronage and urban elite geographies. Urban Geography, Vol. 40(5), pp. 719-746. [IF 3.014]

Keblowski, W., Bassens, D. (2017) “All transport problems are essentially mathematical”: The uneven resonance of academic transport and mobility knowledge in Brussels. Urban Geography, Vol. 39(1), pp. 413-437. [IF 3.014]

De Boeck, S. Bassens, D., Ryckewaert, M. (2017) Easing spatial inequalities? An analysis of the anticipated effects of urban enterprise zones in Brussels. European Planning Studies, Vol. 25(10), pp. 1876-1895. [IF 2.226]

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