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Green and blue in the city

This project concerns the preparatory phase of the thematic urban renewal project ‘Green and Blue in the City’. This project aims to contribute to the physical appearance, the liveability and the ecological sustainability of the city, by making use of the Dutch-speaking community infrastructures in and around the development zone (green-blue network between the Place Stéphanie and the West Station) as physical carriers of productive green. With the project, the Flemish Community Commission aims to provide productive green installations as mobilising instruments for sustainable urban development, with a focus on a participatory approach, co-design and education about healthy and sustainable food in transition neighbourhoods.

The BSI’s assignment specifically concerned the inventory of the socio-spatial and institutional possibilities within the indicated perimeter, the scientific coordination and the cooperation on the plan of approach for the wider project in close cooperation with the other project partners, i.e. team ‘Stedenbeleid’ (Urban Policy) of the VGC, team ‘Stedenbeleid’ of the Flemish Community, BRAL and Atelier Groot Eiland.

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