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Co-Create Alternatives MUT – Innoviris

“In Brussels, as in many other parts of Europe and the world, there are hundreds of initiatives that are part of a process that aims to radically change the structures of our society. These initiatives are driven by a variety of actors. In isolation, however, the Brussels alternatives are incapable of responding to the social and environmental challenges.

The great diversity of these projects, their often very local scale of action, their fragility, and the difficulty of objectifying their impact, raise the question of their upscaling and, in the background, of their true transformative power. Mutualisons ! Building Together poses the question of the resilience of this set of transformative alternatives in Brussels. How can their energies and resources be pooled to increase their capacity to act?

This project was prematurely closed because, according to the funder, it did not meet the criteria to qualify a research project as true “co-creative research”.

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