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Brussels Studies Institute (BSI)

Mix at Gare de l’Ouest

The workshop will be run in combination with a one week masterclass for ULB Cambre-Horta students, with people and other professionals and academics welcomed in to the final presentation session on the Friday. 

The students’ investigations will focus on a defined site in the Gare de l’Ouest area of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, considering how to combine housing and industrial activity, how to achieve good mix and allow for economic growth.

Brearley will act as referent and expert, following the students during the week. Professor Benoit Moritz will coordinate and take the teaching lead. It is expected that other teachers, and stakeholders including, will contribute during the week. 

At the final presentation / workshop the students’ work will be presented alongside relevant projects, and all will be discussed.

By invitation only.


05 Apr 19


de 09:00 à 11:00



Site Gosset

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