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Interuniversity Chair “Companies & Sustainable Mobility. The Company Car Debate & Beyond“

“Companies and Sustainable Mobility” : Final dissemination event

VUB-based interuniversity & multidisciplinary research chair

Mobility definitely constitutes one of the biggest contemporary societal challenges. Therefore, eleven organisations / interest groups each provided a budget to be managed by Brussels Studies Institute (BSI) in the context of an academic research chair. The aim of this interuniversity research chair is to generate a broad, scientifically substantiated approach of (company) mobility based on cross-community and multidisciplinary academic research (focusing on different geographic scales and cases, with a particular interest in the Brussels metropolitan area).

Learn more about the chair.

This closing session will present the main results of the Chair and open the debate with various experts and stakeholders around a round table (in French and Dutch).

The afternoon program is as follows:

  • 13:00 : Welcome
  • 13:30 : Introduction : Chair Sustainable Mobility and Company Cars | Joost Vaesen (VUB/BSI)
  • 13:50 Part I | The Current Situation : Company Cars in Belgium and their Impact Xavier May (ULB), Michel Hubert (USL-B), Frank Van Gool (Renta), Annelies Baelus (Acerta), Bruxelles Mobilité/Brussel Mobiliteit (TBC), Cécile Huylebroeck (Brussels Metropolitan)
  • 14:50 : Pause
  • 15:10 : Part II | The Future of Company Cars in Questions : prospective scenarios | Cathy Macharis (VUB), Tom Truyts (USL-B), Michel Martens (Febiac), Pieter Van Bastelaere (Traxio), Mathias Bienstman (BBL), Sylvie Landriève (Forum Vies Mobiles)
  • 16:10 : Sustainable Mobility in Transition : questions et réponses | Vincent Kaufmann (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
  • 16:50 : Pause
  • 17:00 : Political debate
  • 17:45 : Drink


26 Mar 19


de 08:00 à 17:00



Académie Royale

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