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Brussels 2030

Co-creating a more sustainable urban future: the case of Brussels’ urban mobility

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 7
Hosts: VUB-Mobilise

How can everyone find their way towards a more sustainable lifestyle? How can we achieve sustainable urban mobility? A co-creation process can help us gain valuable knowledge and hopefully, find the right answers. Defined as ‘active, creative and social collaboration of different groups of people to develop new solutions’, co-creation is an increasingly popular approach to solving complex problems. However, the extent to which co-creation can benefit society depends on the equity, representativity and inclusivity of the process. During this interactive workshop, you will learn more about co-creation, several methodologies to put this approach into practice, and how to make sure no one is left behind during the process. Focusing on the transportation system of Brussels, we will co-create solutions to facilitate the transition towards sustainable urban mobility. This workshop is open to everyone, and no previous experience or specific knowledge is required.


28 Jun 23


de 14:00 à 17:00



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