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Degraeve Matthijs


Matthijs Degraeve has a PhD in History and a master’s degree in the Conservation of Monuments and Sites. He is connected to the research groups HOST (Historical Research into Urban Transformation Processes) and Architectural Engineering at Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

In 2021, he obtained a PhD within the interdisciplinary research project ‘Building Brussels’, where he performed an urban- and business-historical study on construction enterprises and their relationship with the transforming urban space of Brussels (1830-1970). Since then, he has lectured a master’s course in Urban History at VUB and co-curated an exhibition ‘Re/Building Brussels’ at Halles Saint-Géry on the past and present of the urban construction sector. He is a member of the research groups BCUS (Brussels Center on Urban Studies) and CHsB (Construction Histories Brussels).

His main research interests are focused on the 19th- and 20th-century history and heritage of construction and urban development; on the history and heritage of business and entrepreneurship, in particular of artisans and industries in urban manufacturing; and on the governance of urban health and hygiene.

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