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Letesson Quentin


Quentin Letesson is an urban planner and was a senior researcher at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Belgium) in the Center Observatory of the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI-BCO) until December 2019 where he led the research project funded by the Forum Vies Mobiles on the pedestrianization of boulevard Anspach and lifestyles. He is particularly interested in urban materiality, the walkability of public spaces as well as the impact of the spatial configuration and topological properties of road networks on urban travel. He is also a doctor of archeology, and currently a researcher in the Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies (Aegis) research group and lecturer at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain, Belgium).

Quentin récent



“Centre-ville, piétonnisation et modes de vie” Fenton, Gabrielle; Glorieux, Anaïs; Letesson, Quentin et Minnen, Joeri,  Brussels Studies Institute – Brussels Centre Observatory, 2019, 179p.

Mezoued, A.M., Letesson Q. and Kaufmann, V. 2021. “Making the slow metropolis by designing walkability: a methodology for the evaluation of public space design and prioritizing pedestrian mobility”, Urban Research and Practice.

Mezoued, A.M., Letesson, Q., Fenton, G. and Creten, A. 2020. “The Walkability of the Metropolitan City as Lever for Brussels’ Mobility Transition”, in Vermeulen, S., Mezoued, A.M. and De Visscher, J.-P. (Eds). Towards a Metropolitan City Centre for Brussels (BSI Series 2). Brussels: Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles et EUBPress: 217-242.

Mezoued, A.M. and Letesson Q. 2018. “Repenser le partage de l’espace public pour un hypercentre marchable”, in Portfolio #2. Zoom in | Zoom out on the Brussels city centre. Brussels: Brussels centre observatory: 61-78.

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