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BSI research study


Needs for the creation of secondary education places in the Brussels-Capital Region

What are the needs and where will they be in 2025? has just published the study carried out by the BSI together with the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis to estimate the number of secondary education places in the Brussels-Capital Region in 2025. 

The study makes a series of recommendations:

  • on the number of places to be created by 2025 in view of the planned seat creation projects;
  • on the forms of education to be developed;
  • and where you can concentrate on creating new seats in the region.

It also takes account of contextual factors such as the lack of attractiveness of certain schools, accessibility by public transport and the regulations in force on enrolment in each of the Communities.

The full study can be found on the website.

BX1 highlighted the study in a report. 


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